Black Jazz - Gilles Peterson

Label: Black Jazz/Snowdog Records
Released: August 2012

The second Japan-only c compilation to accompany a series of reissues from the legendary independent label is compiled by Mr Worldwide himself Gilles Peterson. While DJ Mitsu The Beats selection in June was a non-stop mix, giving brief flavours of some 28 different tracks, Peterson's choice features eleven full-length tunes put together as a radio show, hence the comp's title, cunningly similar to the recent Robert Glasper Experience hit album.

Opening with the wonderful spiritual sound of The Awakening's Prologue-Spring Thing, the set then moves on to the Latin flavoured Black Orchid by Gene Russell, before hitting the funky end with Rudolph Johnson's The Highest Pleasure and Beauty And The Electric Tub by Henry Franklin.

Also definitely worth checking is N'Dugu's Prayer by Walter Bishop Jr's 4th Cycle, taken from the album Keeper Of My Soul, and Cleveland Eaton's All Your Lover, All Day, All Night with its bassline straight from Papa Was A Rolling Stone.

Basically, there isn't a duff track on the album, but when you've got such a great catalogue to choose from as the Black Jazz one, it's really difficult to go wrong.

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