Paul Lehr

Paul Lehr - Untitled 1

Paul Lehr - Astounding Science Fiction Reader,1967

Paul Lehr - Starship Warriors, paperback cover, 1984

Paul Lehr - Untitled 3

Paul Lehr - Island of Dr. Moreau, 1964, original paperback cover illustration

Paul Lehr - Untitled 2

Paul Lehr - Untitled 4

Paul Lehr - Eye Over the Desert, 1991

Paul Lehr - Science fiction book cover

Paul Lehr - Untitled 5

Paul Lehr - The War Terminal, circa 1985

Paul Lehr - Cover Illustration For John Brunner's Out Of My Mind

Paul Lehr - SF Book Cover

Paul Lehr (1930 - 1998) Paul Lehr sold his first SF painting to Bantam Books for Satellite-E-One by Jeffrey Lloyd Castle in 1958, and subsequently provided hundreds of covers for SF books and magazines, as well as non-sf magazines such as LifeTimeSaturday Evening Post, and Playboy to name a few.

He created the famous "Grok" cover for Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, as well as covers for novels by Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, H.G. Wells, Frank Herbert, and many others.

A double page painting of the first moon landing appeared in the Saturday Evening Post with the August 8, 1959 issue, fully ten years before the actual event. This original oil painting along with two others are now in the permanent collection of the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

He created 11 covers of Analog from 1978 to 1984 and was twice nominated for the Hugo Award, in 1980 and 1981. His artwork donned the cover of fellow Illustrators of the Future Contest judge, Vincent DiFate's 1997 science fiction art history book Infinite Worlds and a gallery of his work appeared in the September 1997 Science Fiction Age with commentary by Di Fate. He became a judge in the inaugural year of the Illustrators of the Future Contest (1990) and remained so his entire life.

“The impact of this contest program on the careers of promising illustrators is immeasurable.”
—Paul Lehr, Illustrators of the Future Contest Judge

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