George Carlin – Life Is Worth Losing

His humour is extremely bitter, so if you want to be in a happy place right now, maybe you should go watch something else.
The intro to his show is some modern-day Last Poets / Gil Scott-Heron to me though, and it should be shown in classes to everybody who’s studying any type of communications job. Just because. It’s that good.

Life Is Worth Losing was a live broadcast HBO special, his 13th HBO stand-up comedy special, and was his final special recorded from the Beacon Theater. It is the first project Carlin had undertaken since completing drug rehabilitation in 2005.
Early on in the program, Carlin proudly announces that he was 341 days sober at the time of the recording, and that 2006 will be his 50th year in show business.
During his 2007 comedy tour, he had been explaining early on during his performances that he had moved away from “coasting” on his material from this recording and made haste in creating new material because of the dark nature of the subject matter. He said that after the material was sinking in he got to thinking and realized that it was “fucking depressing”.
The album was nominated for Best Comedy Album for the 49th Annual Grammy Awards making it his seventh album to be nominated for a Grammy award since 1966. It lost to Lewis Black’s The Carnegie Hall Performance.

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