ROA paints his scavenger animals on finely aged walls as if the creatures were his own. In fact, it honestly seems like they come from apart of him, with each animal representing an important part of himself and our ecosystem. The amount of care, caution, and contemplation that goes into each wall and painting of ROA’s is beautiful to see in person, in print, or online.
Along with the documentation created by Spencer Cunningham (covered here, also make sure to check out ROA III by Spencer) comes another great clip by Colin M Day. Enjoy!

White Walls Gallery- San Francisco

April 9- May 7, 2011

Street artist ROA got his start by painting intriguing murals of animals in hidden places – underneath bridges and on walls that strayed from the beaten path. A darling of the underground street art scene, photos of his work regularly appear on Vandalog, Brooklyn Street Art, Wooster Collective, Unurth, and a fury of London newspapers and blogs running to his defense when a street piece he did in Hackney faced removal late last year. ROA is earnestly repopulating the cityscape with animals, as a way to have them re-enter the contemporary landscape that was once theirs. With a style all his own.

Belgian street artist ROA has been visiting sf over the past two and a half weeks preparing and creating all of the work that he will be exhibiting at White Walls gallery during the month of April for his first ever solo gallery exhibition in the Bay Area. Filmed edited and scored by spencer keeton cunningham additional music by katy f.

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