Saul Bass : Title Champ

Last weeks post of Olly Moss’es filmposters, sparkled some attention and I was pointed to the work of Saul Bass, which surely must have been a great source of inspiration to Moss’es work.
Credit where credit is due, so let’s watch and listen to the Title Champ himself, mr. Saul Bass: 

A dvd is available, with an uncut interview with mr. Bass sharing his views on creativity, money, inspiration and much more. Some more excerpts:

“Set to a bebop jazz beat, this documentary brings to life the extraordinary work of graphic designer Saul Bass, whose groundbreaking title sequences for Hitchcock’s films transformed the art of movie titles. Through interviews with directors such as Martin Scorsese and Guillermo del Toro, this film reveals why Bass is still considered the medium’s greatest artist.”

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