Promenades sous la peau . Lying beneath the skin

"The world lying beneath the skin remains to be discovered…

…to be discovered by scientists because apart from a few notions evidenced at the beginning of the 20 th century, the relationships between the organic structures and how they slide together are poorly understood.
…to be discovered also by the layman, who will come upon a world of colors, changing structures, a world constantly adapting, whose ultimate goal is to provide flexibility, allow movement and maintain equilibrium.

For over half a century, research has neglected these territories. These structures are our very make-up… and ponder upon them." Dr. Guimberteau

Author's concept : The concept of multimicrovacuoles to explain human intercorporeal organs sliding systems

I was seeking a technical procedure to reconstruct flexor tendons when I came upon a gliding system that I termed MVCAS (Multimicrovacuolar collagenic absorbing system).

This tissue, which deftly ensures the efficacy of gliding structures and their independence, is composed of a network of collagen fibrils whose distribution seems at first sight to be totally disorganized and apparently illogical. This moved me because my Cartesian mind could not come to terms with the idea of chaos and efficacy co-existing perfectly. This was the starting point for an intellectual voyage that took me far from the beaten track and off into the largely unknown world of fractals and the chaotic.

This book is an attempt to offer an explanation after 30 years of restructuring and thinking about living human matter. The intracorporeal physical forces are a subject which has remained for too long in the dark.

My hypothesis is that living matter has developed within the framework of a multimicrovacuolar chaotic matter and that it has acquired a form thanks to physical forces which have subjected it to an increasing complexity within time and space.

These structuring types of organization, which so closely resemble other inanimate forms, meet the requirements of growth and expansion, thereby suggesting that there is a unique architectural system for life.

However, all theories must remain open to change, since any school of thought attempting to establish a unifying concept must not stop us from going further forward, perhaps even to discover even more complex structures as yet undiscovered.

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